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Why should I get my mobility scooter serviced?

I will get straight to the point here. Basically, your mobility scooter will stay in good working order longer if you keep it well maintained and get it serviced regularly.

You have paid good money for your mobility scooter and I know with my experience, regular servicing is the best way to prevent your scooter against inconvenient breakdowns and dangerous accidents .

I have seen too many times where people have neglected to service their scooter regularly and they find that they end up spending far above what they should have to repair their scooter, or end up having to buy a new one.

I have seen where a simple flat tyre has ended up costing mobility scooter owners 3 to 4 times more money than it normally would. What I found in these cases is that the wheel rims have rusted and seized tight onto the transaxle shafts and sometimes that bad, that the rims end up very damaged from the removal process. So what happens in these instances is that instead of paying for a service call, labour and a new inner tube, the mobility scooter owner also has to pay for new wheel rims and possibly a new transaxle (gearbox) because of the damaged parts.

Regular servicing of your mobility scooter will prevent unnecessary damage such as rusting and worn parts.
A trans axle shaft of a Comet Alpine scooter which has not been regularly serviced. The wheel was not removed easily and this resulted in much more labour costs than it would have if it was maintained regularly.

There are so many things that can go wrong with your scooter over time including nuts and bolts coming loose, damaged wiring, speed sensors damaged if fitted, wheel bearings seizing up, tiller struts jamming, retaining screws coming loose and so many more.

Lesson to learn here is – SERVICE YOUR MOBILITY SCOOTER REGULARLY to save on unnecessary extra costs.    For more information on mobility scooter service, click here.